Mobocracy and America

April 14, 2011  

“I demand, I want.” 2011, America’s year of mobocracy. America, where government employees’ unions, particularly the public teacher’s union, march in mass on state capitols threatening and howling with rage. Their mantra, “I demand, I want.” Their ongoing insatiable demands for increased pay and benefits created unsustainable debt across our nation’s states. Not just public employee’s unions, a growing number of voters seeking comfort without labor created an unsustainable federal debt. Seeking government succor they sell their vote and liberty for temporary pottage. It is all about me, me, me.

Vote buying political opportunists and the liberal mass media no longer uphold the commandment, Thou shall not steal. Today’s mantra, “Thou shall take from one citizen to buy the vote of another.” They preach envy, greed, and the commandment, “Thou shalt covet.” Worse yet, those seeking government succor not only covet, they demand the prosperous pay for their covetousness. “I demand, I want.” Democratic rule without restraint leads to mobocracy.

America is not a democracy. America was founded as a Constitutional Republic, protecting all citizens from tyranny of a majority, or a politically supported vocal minority. We are a nation founded on rule of law—not mobocracy. Unfortunately that is swiftly changing. America’s concept of peaceful demonstrations and free speech is being turned into something ugly. The financial result of this ugliness, crushing debt. Billions of dollars are collected yearly in taxes just to pay interest on the debt, draining purchasing power from the private sector and depleting middle America’s financial vitality.

Budget balancing is difficult if not impossible. Spending cuts cost votes. It hurts, but it must be done. It can be done. At the government level, federal and state legislators can do what you and I do, spend within income. Even a meat-axe approach now is preferable to economic collapse later. Government is a financial Minotaur, devouring wealth and producing no consumer goods.

What this massive bureaucracy does produce is a labyrinth of inane rules and regulations, bureaucratic mandates that stifle progress and increase our cost to live. Government agencies that choke business and smother profits must be abolished along with rules and regulations hindering new enterprises. Many politicians, in both political parties, still believe increased government involvement and control is the answer. They are unwilling to admit government is now the problem. We need to support and elect lawmakers who understand the potential of a free and competitive market.

We have a financial problem and a moral problem. The good news, an overwhelming number of middle-class voting taxpayers now realize they pay the bill and favor putting government on a strict diet. They also are standing up and speaking out against the self-indulgent mobocracy who demand comfort without labor. “The Western world has become afraid or is unwilling to acknowledge that there is right and wrong—that there is good and evil. The Western Church led the world toward Christ for almost 2,000 years. But now it has cast aside its leadership and finds itself leaving Christ’s path and following its own road.” _____ Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, Anglican Primate of all Nigeria.

As to the moral problem, what can be done? We need to re-establish Judeo-Christian values of saving and hard work, replace self-indulgence with self-discipline. We need men and women willing to stand and declare there is a right and a wrong. If that is you, first, become informed then get the truth out and educate those receptive to Judeo-Christian values.

For six proven action steps go to Blog Archive at upper right, click on May-11-08, “But What Can I Do?” Pick yours. To write to or E-mail your Senator or Representative in Washington DC, follow this format: Senator Donna Arrogant Senate Office Building, Washington DC, 20510. Senator Arrogant, Rep Bill Spender House Office Building, Washington DC, 20515. Congressman Spender Representative Bill Spender E-mail – Senator Donna Arrogant E-mail –


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