2019 Issues
September 2019Sheep in the Midst of Wolves
August 2019Retire? Are You Kidding?
July 2019We Pledge Allegiance to…
June 2019Taxation without Representation?
May 2019Commissioned to Push Back the Darkness
April 2019Session Over—Take a Breath
March 2019A Bothell Area Church Stands Firm
February 2019Death Penalty Revisited
January 2019Prayer Really Does Change Things
2018 Issues
December 20182018—Our Surges and Setbacks
November 2018When the Church Ignores the Public Sector
October 2018Wanted: No Risk No Cost Religion
September 2018Confessions of a Former Democrat
August 2018Needed: Fewer Fans, More Fanatics!
July 2018he’s COMING AGAIN!
June 2018Lift Not One Eyebrow Higher than the Other
May 2018When Democrats Are in Charge
April 2018Celebrating 70 ‘Supernatural’ Years
March 2018Are Men Becoming Less Male?
February 2018This Is the Message of the Gospel
January 2018Must We Sit on the Sidelines?
2017 Issues
December 2017Jerusalem
November 2017What Can Make America Great Again?
October 2017Pray Without Ceasing
September 2017Revisiting Our Thoughts on Black v. White
August 2017Standing on Their Shoulders
July 2017This Is the Way—Walk Ye In It
June 2017Danger Lurks in Local Locker Rooms
May 2017Go Ye Into All the World
April 2017It’s Raining Now, but Summer is Coming!
March 2017“Bring Those Prayers Down Here!”
February 2017The Republic for Which We Stand
January 2017An Opposite and Equal Reaction
2016 Issues
December 2016Prayer—Where Transformation Begins
November 2016Returning to Our First Works
October 2016Offering Some Bread and Wine
September 2016Elections Are Never an Endgame
August 2016Few Surprises in State Primary
July 2016This Is No Time to Lay Down Our Arms
June 2016A Memorable Epoch
May 2016Does Silence Strengthen the Hands of Evildoers?
April 2016Facts—Not Ideology, Determine Reality
March 2016Seattle Feels the “Bern”
February 2016Clamoring for a (k)ing
January 2016Unisex Restrooms—the New Frontier
2015 Issues
December 2015“If My People”
November 2015The Syrian Refugee Debate
October 2015A Case of Adverse Possession
September 2015Say What You Mean—Mean What You Say
August 2015Reaching Beyond National Leaders
July 2015Cutting-Edge ‘Gender Reassignment’
June 2015Ministering to “Jacob”
May 2015Scouts to Exchange American Flag for White Flag
April 2015Are We Really Locked Out ?
March 2015The Kryptonite of Bible Archaeology?
February 2015Happenings in Olympia—As We See Them
January 2015Looking Into Christian ‘Extremism’
2014 Issues
December 2014Jesus Is Her Bodyguard
November 2014Did Northwest Experience Republican Wave?
October 2014“Here We Stand”
September 2014Celebrate Diversity. Really?
August 2014The Devil IS In the Details
July 2014A Feckless Foreign Policy
June 2014The Game Has Changed
May 2014Our Heavenly Citizenship
April 2014The Green Sacrifice
March 2014Armed Forces Becoming a Bible-Free Zone?
February 2014Is the Local Church Online ?
January 2014The ‘Imago Dei’ Campaign
2013 Issues
December 2013What, In Your Mind, Is Sinful?
November 2013When the Wicked Beareth Rule
October 2013A Quest for Love and Acceptance
September 2013This World is Not Our Home
August 2013Another Holy War?
July 2013The Whole Counsel of God
June 2013Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me!
May 2013When the Lord Departs
April 2013Yes, Everything Seems In Order
March 2013We Must All Hang Together
February 2013Life In the Big City
January 2013Must Israel Go It Alone?
2012 Issues
December 2012 Solid and Unmovable
November 2012 There Are More of Them
October 2012 Look Who is Standing Up
September 2012 Nowhere Else to Turn
August 2012 Off With His Head
July 2012 Four Forsaken Words
June 2012 “Do not puff up the cheeks”
May 2012 A Man Named “Cynthia”
April 2012 When Actions Speak Louder Than Words
March 2012 First They Came For…
February 2012 Marry a Building? Why Not?
January 2012 Same Facts, Different Conclusions
2011 Issues
December 2011 Summer Is Coming!
November 2011 “Holiday Trees” and Rum Punches
October 2011 A Grand Old Circular Firing Squad?
September 2011 Can You Hear Us Now?
August 2011 School Days, School Daze
July 2011 Misplaced Priorities
June 2011 A Memorable Epoch
May 2011 Are the Wheels Coming Off the World?
April 2011 Wombs for Rent
March 2011 Come Let Us Reason Together
February 2011 A Ring of Fire
January 2011 Roe v. Wade—at Thirty-Eight
2010 Issues
December 2010 ‘Restoration’ Revisited
November 2010 Elections “Rap” and Other Minutia
October 2010 Things That Should Be Known
September 2010 When the Dust Settles
August 2010 Is a Conservative Legislature a Bridge Too Far?
July 2010 The Problem with Second Place
June 2010 Not a Dime’s Worth of Difference?
May 2010 On Borders and Boundaries
April 2010 A Second Attack at the Pentagon
March 2010 A Fundamental Transformation
February 2010 If the Light Goes Out
January 2010 Wanted: Straight-Talking Men
2009 Issues
December 2009 The Rogues and the Regulators
November 2009 A Manhattan Brief
October 2009 All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men
September 2009 “There He Goes Again!”
August 2009 Where Are the Lutherans Headed?
July 2009 The Grip of Adolescence
June 2009 Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Those Things
May 2009 A Valley of Decision
April 2009 Should Evangelicals “Give It a Rest?”
March 2009 What Goes Around Comes Around
February 2009 Bracing for Marriage-plus
January 2009 New President Turns Back Clock
2008 Issues
December 2008 Whatsoever Things Are Praiseworthy
November 2008 It’s Post-Election—the Sky Hasn’t Fallen!
October 2008 Speak These Things
September 2008 What a Difference a Day Makes!
August 2008 On Moral Ambiguity
July 2008 Politics of Truth
June 2008 For the Soul of the Nation
May 2008 Remembering Their Sacrifices
April 2008 Beware Gay-zillionaires
March 2008 Christian In Name Only
February 2008 So Much for Free Trade
January 2008 Our Person of the Year
2007 Issues
December 2007 More than just headlines
November 2007 Road Map II — A ‘Virtual Peace’
October 2007 GOD America’s National Treasure
September 2007 Important Things to Remember
August 2007 The Mission of America
July 2007 A Sudden Rash of “Firsts”
June 2007 Fool Us Once, Shame on You
May 2007 The Blood of Heroes Never Dies
April 2007 Nothing New Under the Sun
March 2007 Sex in the City (aka Subsidizing Futility)
February 2007 Government Help is on the Way
January 2007 Science or Atonement?
2006 Issues
December 2006 A Bit More Salt if You Please
November 2006 Democrat Win or Republican Meltdown?
October 2006 Republicans Face Strong Challenge from Media
September 2006 Citizenship Revisited
August 2006 Marriage in Washington Safe — For Now
July 2006 What Exactly Are We Modeling?
June 2006 Short of the Finish Line
May 2006 O Church, Where Art Thou?
April 2006 The Black Regiment
March 2006 Should a vote on “Gay Rights” be allowed?
February 2006 Politics of Sexual Orientation
January 2006 Losing is an Option
2005 Issues
December 2005 It Was A Year to Remember
November 2005 What parental Rights?
October 2005 Is She or Isn’t She?
September 2005 Hurricane Victims Need Church and State
August 2005 So Much for “Tax-free” Churches
July 2005 Court Calls Off Sandblasters
June 2005 Election Reform that Bears Watching
May 2005 What is it with King County?
April 2005 Democrats Want ‘Special Rights’ Bill — Desperately
March 2005 Next on the docket: religion, marriage, and death
February 2005 Something to ponder on Presidents’ Day
January 2005 It Ain’t Over Till it’s Over
2004 Issues
December 2004 Counting Catholics Votes
November 2004 The ‘Values’ Voter
October 2004 Back to the Future
September 2004 Protecting Marriage:  Is it too late?
August 2004 The Left is Aware of the ‘Pastor Factor’
July 2004 Regarding “Marriage Protection Sunday”
June 2004 Worldview in Action
May 2004 Mayday for America
April 2004 For the Zeal of One
March 2004 Putting Marriage in the Constitution
February 2004 Jacob — In a Time of Need
January 2004 So what is a Caucus?
2003 Issues
December 2003 A Heart for Restoration
November 2003 Intolerance for Suffering
October 2003 Are they wacko in Waco?
September 2003 Same-sex marriage: Civil right or civil wrong?
August 2003 Thanks for the Memory
July 2003 Evolution of the Revolution
June 2003 A Road Map for Peace or Peril?
May 2003 Demolishing Arguments
April 2003 Duty, Honor, Country
March 2003 Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve
February 2003 The Wheel of Misfortune
January 2003 Roe v. Wade: Legacy of Lies and Deception
2002 Issues
December 2002 Educating for this world and beyond
November 2002 Legislators and Gladiators
October 2002 Next Year in Jerusalem
September 2002 Unqualified for Office
August 2002 Mainstream — No Place for Christians
July 2002 The Court — Supplanter of Good?
June 2002 An Act of Unintended Consequence?
May 2002 High Court Sides with Porn Industry
April 2002 When the Church Lacks Authority
March 2002 Jesus Censured in State House
February 2002 Morphing the Elephant
January 2002 Terrorizing the “Christian Right”
2001 Issues
December 2001 Students Lack Knowledge of History
November 2001 Tales of Terrorism
October 2001 Multiculturalism v. Melting Pot
September 2001 Debating the Death Penalty
August 2001 Morality Can’t be Legislated–Right?
July 2001 Educating the “People of the Book”
June 2001 Impoverished Home Schoolers
May 2001 Bullying Redefined
April 2001 The Church: Shaping History
March 2001 Earthquakes:  A Message in a Moment?
February 2001 The Growing Church: A Threat to the Environment?
January 2001 Ashcroft in His Defining Moment
2000 Issues
December 2000 Bush Scores with “Born Again” Voters
November 2000 Counting the “Dimple” isn’t so Simple
October 2000 Strike the Ground
September 2000 The Demands of Citizenship
August 2000 Prophets for Our Times
July 2000 When Government Rewards Evil
June 2000 Governor Overrules the People on Gay Benefits Issue
May 2000 A Lifestyle Some Will Die For
April 2000 On Endangered Civil Liberties
March 2000 Evidently, character IS the issue
February 2000 Precinct Caucuses — the Real Story
January 2000 Domestic Partners: “a marriage kind of thing”